and build your social media lead database.

Create a landing page, add a resouce, spread an URL through your audicence and gather leads.

No credit card needed.



How It Works?

Four Steps To Generate Leads

Create Campaigns

Generate and customize beautiful landing pages of your resources with a few clicks. Upload your content and logo and show it to the world!

Collect Leads

Spread your landing pages in social media and let people pay by share for downloads. We collect their profiles, geo and estimate potential reach.


Assess the performance of your campaigns: the number of downloads, social media reach, the most influential users, geolocation and more. 

Build Relationships

Voilà! There you have your leads. Work on them, show them you care, win their hearts and turn them into your customers.

Lead Generation

fueled by virality of social media

Let social media spread your content and watch as your lead base expands. Assess your campaign performance with a few metrics:

  • Number of campaign visits and collected leads
  • Most influential social media profiles downloading your content
  • Social media reach of your campaign
  • Recent activity log
  • Geolocation of your leads

Landing page creator

with no coding skills required

Create your landing page in seconds. Show the world what you want to share on a clean, easily created landing page.

How it looks in practice?

Create Your Campaign, Track Its Performance, Collect Leads

Have a closer look at what it takes to nail freebie marketing with paybyshare and collect leads at the same time.

Ultimate Freebie Marketing Tool

with powerful features

Clean design, friendly and intuitive interface store features and options that bring your freebie marketing to the next level of effectiveness. Here’s a tiny spoiler of what’s inside.

Key Performance Indicators

Track the performance of your campaigns, i.e. the number of shares, leads social media reach and more.

Fake Account Detection

Keep calm and be sure only real users share and download your resources – we detect bots and fake accounts.

Customizable Landing Pages

Choose the best layout and use own logo on landing pages to promote your brand.

You can try these and other features for absolutely free. 

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Build Social Media Marketing

with PayByShare!

Share a content and gather customers leads with an analytics dashboard.