Effective campaign with PayByShare: step by step

PayByShare allows you to create highly engaging & viral social media campaigns. Setting up your first campaign can be a piece of cake if you follow our steps. PayByShare allows you to fully customize quite a few bits of your posts and Tweets, and today we will show you how you can make the most of the campaign.

Choose the right resource

At least half of the success of your campaign depends on the resource you select. It’s simple as ABC to upload it to PayByShare – you have three options:

  • File Resource: here you can choose what file you want your users to download after they tweet/post about it.
  • URL Resource: you can select URL address you’ll redirect your users to after they tweet/post about it.
  • Promo code: you can generate a promo code to be revealed after someone tweets/posts about it.

Think about your message

Your message is also extremely important to make your content go viral! The message will be displayed once someone tweets/posts to get your resource. You need to keep this message short (280 characters is a maximum, as it may be published on Twitter) and sweet. Remember about putting CTA!

Below, you will find some examples of good messages:

  • I’ve just downloaded John’s e-book about digital marketing. Download your copy NOW! >>
  • I’ve just received a 25% discount for my next shopping at ABCDE! Download yours >>
  • I just got access to an E-commerce checklist, prepared by @LoosLoos. Get access >>
  • ABCDE gives discount codes for a post or tweet. I just got mine, get yours now >>
  • Great PPTX templates! Download it here:

Finished? Not yet!

Your landing page is “officially” ready, however, it is still worth making a few extra changes. You can modify your campaign further by clicking Advanced Edit.


In the tab “Appearance” you’ll see a few ways of customizing your landing page. First of all, you can choose a template of your landing page. You can select one of three available templates (and preview all of them before you make a final choice).

Social Media Cards play the role of a “support” to your message.

Below, you can customize your social media cards.

  1. Picture: here you can upload any picture you would like people to see when they post/tweet about your resource. What is crucial here? Make it very transparent, don’t overload it with text or pictures, to make your message speak even louder you can add a CTA button (for example GET ACCESS, DOWNLOAD or GET YOUR CODE).
  2. Title: it will appear straight below the picture and will be bolded in default. Make it appealing, you can also add the CTA in a different form.
  3. Description: you can keep a default one we prepared “It’s easy to get access, just click the link and follow instructions.” – but it is obviously better to personalize it as well, with showing some more benefits of posting/tweeting about a particular piece of content.

Sounds interesting? Wait no longer: give PayByShare a try and start with your first viral social media campaign.

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