Share your freebie file

One of the most popular ways to use PayByShare application. It gives the opportunity to promote your own e-book, PDF report or graphics project using a tool in a very easy way. All you need to do while creating a campaign is to choose the one based on sharing your own file.

Then just add your file and go to the next step.

The last thing to do once the resource is added is to create a message that will be shared by others in social media to download the file.

For example:

Thank you, Jane, for sharing free e-book about Content Marketing


I have just downloaded a free e-book from @janesmith about personal brand building“.

This message is actually the key as it will help people to find out about your campaign and free e-book.

What’s next?

Cutting long story short: whoever wants to read your e-book shares a tweet with their friends about the fact they got it so then more people can get into it. And you get a free buzz at the same time.

Once your campaign is created you’ll get automatically generated landing page that will let people download your e-book.

You will also get an analytical panel which shows some figures: how many people used your link and downloaded a file. It will also provide information who has done it and where they’re from.

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