How to boost your shop online?

There are many different ways, both free and paid, to promote your online business. It’s crucial to remember that a shop or website alone is not enough these days. Creating a great and useful ecommerce website is just a part of the equation.

Recent research says that retails e-commerce sales worldwide is about to reach almost 5 trillion U.S. dollars. The reason is that online stores and services are mostly never closed. Well-prepared promotional strategy is a key to success as the e-shopping industry still has enormous potential. It may be more complicated than it sounds, but it’s definitely worth the achieved benefits.

What to start with?

First impressions are extremely important.

It does matter how your website looks like. If you make it appropriately, half of the work is already done. Keep it simple, clear and aesthetic – it’s more likely you’ll encourage a potential customer then. You need to observe and analyse consumer behaviour to be able to optimise your ecommerce. Add some useful information on your website (e.g. product descriptions, company profile, contact info) and make it appear in a readable form for the customers visiting the page.

More than half of the global web traffic originates from mobile devices. It means that you have to remember about RWD technique (responsive web design). Well-optimized website allows customers to find and buy the products they need in just a few clicks or taps on their smartphone screen. An efficient loading page, a broad range of payment methods offered, and their security is the basis. Try to figure out the shortest and trouble-free path for the consumer.

Social media may help you boost your business.

There are many different ways to promote your online store, but only a few of them are the most effective. Why is that? They are directly addressed to the target audience. Let’s see how it works.

Using social media, in general, may be very helpful. Think about the shop section on Facebook where you can add products with pictures and captions. Once you click a given product, you’re sent to a product subpage on the website. However, it’s not only the shop feature. It’s all about creating a community around your brand and building a relationship with it.

There is no better place to add something of value for your audience. If you have your clothing line, you can give your customers fashion advice. Create or just join the sales groups to promote chosen items, e.g. discounted ones. You can also tag your products in posts and ads so the shopping path couldn’t be shorter.

You should think about Instagram, too. It involves high-quality and creative images of products that look better and more engaging than generic photos. It works mainly in the beauty and fashion industry. Using the right hashtags and regularly adding both posts and Instagram Stories can keep your potential clients’ eye on your brand. You’re also able to tag products in posts and ads.

Do not underestimate SEO.

Social media are great, but, whether you like it or not, people still use search engines. You have to optimise your ecommerce website using the appropriate keywords and valuable content. Every single word matter. What is more, you should take Google Ads into account. Your potential clients will find you while browsing the web. If you use the right keywords and frequently searched phrases by your audience, your business is likely to boost.

Let’s say you sell cosmetics and want to try SEO on your website. Use the key phrase „online cosmetics store”. Your ecommerce will be positioned higher in the internet search engine. Win.

Contact the client through web push notifications.

The beautiful story starts with just one click – when your potential client accepts notifications on your webpage. Now you can send some personalised messages that relate to recently viewed products or special offers for upcoming events. Alternatively, you can recommend products from a recently viewed category.

All of that may positively impact people to revisit your store. If you run a business blog, you can try to distribute the content this way. Base segmentation and process automation allow you to send notifications to those interested in newly published texts.

Why should you try influencer marketing?

Your target audience will trust a friend’s recommendation over something a brand is trying to „sell or market” to them. Influencers are removed from traditional marketing. They are the trusted ĺgatekeepers” of their community. Hence it’s more credible and organic when they recommend a product or service. Influencer marketing opens up more organic means to raise brand awareness and engage with your audience.

Social media influencers carry a lot of credibility on social media. When you engage them in your strategy, they can become your best and most effective brand ambassadors. Having them on your side will also make it easier for you to reach a wider target audience base. Furthermore, recommendations from influencers can help your brand earn the credibility it deserves. All of these and more reasons will make it clear as to why you need social influencers in your strategy.

Content is king.

Content marketing helps consumers research products. Before buying something, more than 80% of online shoppers conduct detailed research. Videos, buying guides and ebooks can educate consumers and help them make informed purchasing decisions. That is why you should add this type of content on your website (e.g. in the form of a blog). Also, it’s more likely that your potential customers won’t get distracted browsing other websites as they will stay on yours and finally make a purchase.

Besides, it allows you to present your products in a more meaningful way. Custom content can present your products to reinforce your brand identity, rather than as one-off objects on your website’s products page. By creating valuable and helpful content, you’ll form an emotional connection with your customers.

Like it’s been said in the very beginning – there are many ways to increase online sales and boost your shop. Have in mind that it all takes time, but if you have a functional website and excellent marketing strategy, then with patience, you’ll achieve what you want. Use our recommendations and make sure what works for your ecommerce. There’s no strategy that works for everyone so find the right one for you.

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