How To Create

A Successful Campaign

Learn more how PayByShare works and how easy is project configuration.


Campaign's name

Type your campaign’s ID name.
It won’t be visible to your audience.

Promotion type

File resource, secret link or discount code? Pick whatever you need and start your campaign!

Tweet Message

This message will be attached to the link once someone shares a post on Twitter.
It’s important to type eye-catching sentence to involve your followers and do not add any link over there.

Remember: The option is available only for Twitter

Landing Page URL

Voilà! Your landing page with an unique URL is ready to use.

Now is a time to customize a communication by clicking on “Advanced Edit

Customize Theme

Choose a theme which fit best to your needs and add your own branding using Settings link. 

Optimize Cards

Generic copy is not sexy enough, right?

Upload your own image, type provocative title and description to get more leads from Social Media.

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