Pay By Share for e-commerce: how to use it for your business?

What would you say if we told you that you can win a lot with just one tweet or post on social media? How would you feel if we told you that thanks to your tweet you can get a discount in your favourite shop, or access to premium materials? You may not believe us, but that’s true: we live in an era where you can pay for some digital goods with digital currency: posts.

Today, we are going to show you how you can use simple mechanisms as social payments, as nowadays where people hesitate to leave their sensitive data.

In the previous articles, we covered how you can use Pay By Share to distribute your premium content or several freebies. Now, we can tell you a bit more about how you can use it to actually drive some sales. It’s not the end of the list yet as we are still working on some amazing features, so stay tuned both with our blog and our services 😉

Discount codes

Did you know that instead of sending e-mails with discount codes or promoting your offers on social media in the form of posts and paid advertising, you can simply distribute it via tweets and posts of your followers?

This kind of sharing has a lot of advantages. First of all, discounts always appeal to potential customers. As long as offers should not be your low hanging fruit, they can bring you a lot of additional traffic and new, loyal customers.

How to make it work with Pay By Share?

You simply need to sign up for free and create your first campaign. It will work in default both on Facebook and Twitter.

To make it available for your audience, you need to put a file or link to where your discount is located. Then, you need to adjust appearance – choose how your landing page is going to look like as well as  

What will a person who wants to get a discount have to do?

They need to follow the steps below:

They can choose whether they want to post on FB or tweet on Twitter about your discount. Then, they share a post publicly (we check it thoroughly) on a selected platform and therefore get a free access to your piece of content – discount code or voucher, call it as you like!

You can also customize the look of the Tweet/FB post by adding some relevant copy. The footnote “via @paybyshare” is added automatically.

Using this kind of so-called currency helps you generate additional traffic and those who actually paid with a share are highly likely to use the discount in the future.

Where else can you use this feature to drive direct sales?


Small bands or DJs can make the most of Pay By Share features as well. Let’s say that they are planning to launch the newest album or they are going to headline a show. How can they encourage people to come and show some bits of their work before? Well, they can use Pay By Share for “gating” a piece of music, e.g. one song, and share the link with their fans. To get familiar with the song, fans need to share it on social media (Facebook or Twitter) first. The same can work with videos or movie trailers. This can help with virality a lot.

E-books and books

Why wouldn’t you make a teaser of a… book? Share one chapter of your upcoming book, or one article of the whole series you’ve been preparing. A few pages of an e-book would do as well – just make it gated with Pay By Share and skyrocket your sales (or even pre-sales!).


Instead of using ticketing sites or social media events, you can use Pay By Share to gate some free tickets for the event you’re going to organize. It’s a win-win for everyone: the event can gain more popularity and virality, the potential visitor gets tickets in no time, you can call yourself successful as for event management. What is not to like?

There are a lot of other ways you can use our idea as well – and we’ll reveal them to you very soon!

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