PayByShare or e-mail lead generation?

Every brand’s goal is to get customers’ attention – this leads to them becoming interested in their product or service and making a purchase. The question is, what is the best way to do this? It’s important to highlight that there isn’t one correct way to generate leads. Every business has a different target audience and products or services they offer, so it’s impossible for one method to work for everyone. PayByShare offers a unique marketing strategy that involves using gated content, while a more traditional and basic lead generation solution is through e-mail. Both have their pros and cons – below we’ll get into detail on each type. 

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E-mail lead generation

In general, e-mail marketing techniques are quite easy to understand. They’re used to build trust with customers over time to win them over. It’s an effective and quick way of updating your customers about new products, sales, etc. Most people enjoy staying informed about a brand and engaging with it. 28% of online shoppers actually report subscribing to store or product e-mail in order to stay informed on brands they care about. People on an e-mail list provide their e-mail address for the purpose of receiving information about a brand. 

E-mail provides you with a direct relationship with the end user. Promoting your brand through e-mails also enables you to reach a wider audience, especially those who aren’t on social media. 

Since internet users are attacked continuously with online ads and harassed by spam advertisements, building a stable and personal relationship through e-mails can help gain their trust. Their contact information must be used wisely, which with reassure them that you won’t be spamming their box. 

Another benefit to this form of lead generation is that it is low cost in comparison to other digital marketing techniques. It’s also easy to measure campaign results thanks to other available tools. 

On the other hand, e-mail lead generation can actually work against your business and slow down effectiveness. One thing many people despise is spam mail. Unwanted e-mails and random messages are annoying – people adjust their e-mail filters in a way that can have your e-mails found in the spam folder and never get viewed. Users also frequently unintentionally sign up for e-mails expecting discounts in return. If your level of engagement is weak, then your customer will most likely stop reading your messages or simply unsubscribe. Many poorly designed e-mails are also undelivered. The design and layout of an e-mail also make a significant impact on the way it’s perceived and can make you lose your audience’s interest. 

Using e-mail for lead generation can be quite risky, especially in today’s society where most brands use this form of marketing – this can leave users uninterested in your brand. 

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PayByShare – an innovative solution

Since e-mail marketing can get mundane, an ideal substitute for lead generation can be using premium gated content. This type of content is proven to improve engagement and conversions. Short and straightforward content actually tends to be more engaging. It isn’t a common marketing solution, which makes it more interesting and exciting for users. 

It’s definitely cheaper and a lot more affordable than regular marketing campaigns. The long term results make it even more worth it to invest in this type of solution. 

Social media is king in today’s society. This is why it’s essential to create and share content on social media platforms. Thanks to PayByShare your content practically spreads by itself – it can even potentially go viral

Getting shares is one thing; seeing results is another – PayByShare offers you statistics on your performance. It allows you to check the number of campaign visits, collected leads, and even the most influential social media profiles downloading your content. By checking the geolocation of your leads, you can try to reach out to them with an offer. As opposed to spam e-mails, it can be done in a casual manner. Sometimes clients even reach out to you themselves!

One of the top features of the tool is that it has the ability to detect bots and fake accounts; this way, you know all of your leads are legitimate. It’s super universal and offers more benefits than you think.

It’s safe to say that when comparing these two lead generation strategies, both have their advantages and disadvantages, but PayByShare has greater potential, can make you stand out and has a higher chance of interesting a user. It’s an all-around great tool for distributing content and quickly gaining leads. Test it out and see the difference! 

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