Share a secret link

A great example of using URL-based campaign is an online course or promo codes that you want to share with people in exchange for publicity about the whole enterprise.

Once the link is added it’s now time to create the message which will be shared by people in social media to get access to your link.

For example: “I want to receive free access to an online course about social media marketing @dawidtkocz“.

Thanks to this message people will be able to find out about your campaign and free course so the message is actually the key there.

In short: people who would like to a get free course need to share with their friends information about the fact they got it by PayByShare.

What’s next?

Once your campaign is created you’ll get automatically generated landing page that will let people download your course.

You will also get an analytical panel which shows some figures: how many people used your link and downloaded a file or where they come from.

Obviously, it’s not just online courses that you can promote. It can be any kind of other resources: e-book, discount codes, reports or specialised contents.

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